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X-Key Programmable USB Keyboards: Keys Open Doors

 |  |  March 15, 2015

Soon after I featured the Trickey modular mini keyboard, commenter FrogmanTM pointed me to X-Keys. Made by Michigan-based P.I. Engineering, X-keys are also programmable keyboards. While they’re not modular like Trickey, they appear to provide more bang for your buck.


X-keys can be used with both Mac and Windows computers, while the smaller X-keys Sticks can be used with Linux and Android devices as well. X-keys have a blue and a red LED for each key unit. They also have a built-in memory for storing keystrokes, mouse and joystick inputs, so you can set them up on a desktop computer then use them to control another USB-compatible device without installing additional software on the latter.

The 24-key XK-24 is P.I. Engineering’s most popular product, but there’s a fairly wide range of X-keys, from the new X-sticks that come in 4-,8- and 16-key forms…

…to the XKE-128:

As shown in the videos, X-keys can be customized with optional accessories, such as tall or wide keycaps and even key blockers that let you space out and customize your layout. The key legends are also easy to replace; you can make your own or choose from P.I. Engineering’s templates. You can order an X-key keyboard directly from P.I. Engineering or from Amazon.