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eTape16 Measuring Tape Eliminates the Guessing

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Written by Shane McGlaun | March 18, 2015

I think we can all admit that reading a tape measure is a pain in the arse. I am certainly qualified to use one, but while part of me likes to believe I build things in whole number increments for OCD’s sake, I really do it because I don’t want to have to count the little tick marks on the tape measure in front of my kids.


If you are the same way, and I bet you are, this is the tape measure for you. It has a little digital readout that tells you an exact measurement as you pull out the measuring tape. No more counting marks to figure out of if that’s an eighth of an inch or a sixteenth before finally deciding to make whatever you are working on exactly two inches just to be safe.


The tape can measure in feet, inches, fractions, decimals, and centimeters and is supposed to be accurate to 1/16″ or 1 mm. It’s not exactly cheap at $34.99(USD) on ThinkGeek, but it’s money well spent I think.