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McDonald’s Gloves Make Your Fingers Look Like French Fries

 |  |  |  March 27, 2015

Ba da bop bop ba. I’m glovin’ it. Fans of the golden arches are going to love these gloves, which make your fingers look like french fries coming out of the fry box.


Who created such a thing? Someone who likes to make people hungry? Someone who is obsessed with fast food? Both. It is the work of Texas-based advertising agency Moroch. They created this clever pair of McDonald’s-themed gloves in 2010.


I can’t wait for some McNugget Mittens and the Big Mac bra that is sure to follow. Maybe they can make some arm warmers that look like McDonald’s cups too. I’m just bitter because I really want some fries now. Thanks, Moroch. Your evil plan worked.

[via Ads of the World via Laughing Squid]