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R2-D2 Tie: Business Droid

 |  |  |  April 3, 2015

I think the tie is one of the most universally hated pieces of men’s clothing. I’d rank it right up there with pants for articles of clothing I prefer not to wear. There are some geeks out there that are required to wear a tie. If you can’t just quit that terrible neck constricting job, at least you can geek it up a bit with this R2-D2 necktie.


It has little R2 prints all offer it that are subtle, you can probably slip this past your stuff boss for a month or so before he realizes you are non-conforming with your conformity.


It’s made from silk, which looks and feels nice, but you can’t wash it in the machine. It should fit most guys, unless you are freakishly Chewbacca tall. It’s 60-inches long and 3.25″ wide.


You can pick one up at ThinkGeek $49.99(USD).