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DIY Portable Electronics Experiment Station: Lapshop

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 13, 2015

Like many makers, Instructables member Gizmologist was running out of room on her workbench because of all her projects. So she decided to make a compact and self-contained toolkit to test electronics. She ended up packing an Arduino Uno, a breadboard, a voltage regulator and a capacitor substitution board in a small plywood box that still has lots of room for other tools.


Gizmologist’s portable work station measures 8″x 6″x 1.75″. Lifting its lid reveals the platform where the station’s main components are mounted. There are slots on the lid that fit the power switch’s case. The Arduino Uno and the voltage regulator are held in place by wooden washers and dowels but can be easily removed. Gizmologist chose to use double-sided tape to keep the breadboard in place. She’s not planning on using the capacitor substitution board all the time so she didn’t bother taping or mounting it.


The drawer beneath the base holds an AA battery compartment as well as her other tools. She can use the box’s second level if she needs more space.


Head to Gizmologist’s Instructables page for her full build log and the box’s schematics.

[via Lifehacker]