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Breaking Bad Blind Box Titan Figures: Tiny Evil

 |  |  |  April 14, 2015

I got off to a slow start with Breaking Bad and didn’t like the show when it was still on the air. I got really bored a few months ago and binge-watched the entire series over a month, and I really liked it this time around. If you are a fan of the series, check out these Breaking Bad Titans blind box action figures.


There are 16 different figures in all. Obviously since they are blind-boxed, you never know what you will get. Forrest Gump would understand. The whole gang is here…


The figures include Walter, Walt Jr, Heisenberg, Jesse, Jesse in a yellow jacket, Hank, Marie, Gus, Mike, Saul, another Saul, dead Gus, Walter in hazmat, Jesse in hazmat suit, the RV or even a Los Pollos Hermanos batter bucket. My favorite is Gus with half his face gone. The series is available now at ThinkGeek for $9.99(USD) each.