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Light Cube Lets You Grow Carnivorous Plants: Feed Me Seymour!


Written by Shane McGlaun | April 15, 2015

I’ve always had a fascination with Venus Flytraps because they eat bugs. The plants also creep me out more than a little; I blame Rick Moranis and The Little Shop of Horrors for that. If you want to put some cool and creepy plants on your desk to offset those normal plants your coworkers have, this is your ticket.


The Carnivorous Creatures Light Cube is a terrarium that grows Venus Flytraps and Sundew plants right on your desk. You don’t need to have a cubicle close to a window thanks to red and blue LEDs inside that give the light needed for the plants to grow.


You don’t even need a free outlet for this thing to grow, it plugs into a USB port on your PC. The kit ships with Venus Flytrap seeds and Sundew seeds to get your carnivorous garden started. The terrarium can be purchased at ThinkGeek for $29.99(USD).