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Supercut of Every Star Wars Character from the Movies


Written by Conner Flynn | April 22, 2015

If you know anyone who hasn’t watched any Star Wars movies (is that even possible?) this video is a good way to introduce them to all of the characters. And I mean ALL of the characters from all six Star Wars movies. It is a 24-minute supercut showing them all off.

This video¬†was edited by visual effects artist Glen O’Neill, who claims it features every individual character from the first six Star Wars movies. I’m not sure if he missed any. Actually, I know he did. The most important character in the saga. The Force! That’s okay though, since you can’t capture that on camera. Midichlorians are too small to see.

It’s a fun video and it might even remind you of a few aliens you forgot about – and a few you’d rather forget.