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Amazing Oreo Trick Shots


Written by Conner Flynn | April 24, 2015

While I am calling BS on most of these Oreo trick shots, because the guy is doing stuff that would likely break the cookie and make it crumble, it is still pretty amazing and awesome that this guy can perform so many cool trick shots.

Peter Bamforth has what it takes to dunk Oreos in all kinds of creative ways. He has a steady hand and lots of Oreo cookies. I don’t know how many ways you can dunk an Oreo into a glass of milk, but this guy has you beat.

This video has some really impressive shots, but like I said there is no way that a lot of these are real. I suspect some fake Oreos were used along the way. It’s still entertaining though and fun enough to try at home if you dare.

[via Neatorama]