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A Star Wars/Contra Mashup for Your Phone

 |  |  April 25, 2015

Sure, there are mashups everywhere you turn, but some are actually awesome and worth your time – like this one. This free mini-game from the Star Wars: Force Collection was created by Konami and LucasArts and it features the classic Contra game mashed up with Star Wars.

The idea is that you are running through four Endor-themed levels as Chewbacca blasting your way through Stormtroopers with your bowcaster. Oh yeah. This is a game that gets me excited. Two classics are coming together at long last.

Star Wars: Force Collection is a digital collectible card game for iOS and Android devices, in which you collect a variety of cards, build decks, design blueprints, and take on challengers. The Contra minigame is part of a new update. Beating the minigame earns you an exclusive trophy for the main game. Other new additions to the main game include a boss battle mode as well as C-3PO and R2-D2. Disney sure knows how to market their new Star Wars property!

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