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Augmented Reality Tattoo: AltAR Ego

 |  |  |  |  |  April 27, 2015

We’ve featured a few augmented reality tattoos before, but in all of them the QR code or bar code were visible, if not the only figure drawn onto the skin. Illustrator Sutu’s take on the permanent trick hides the magic in plain sight.


Sutu’s tattoo looks just like one of the scenes from Modern Polaxis, an interactive comic book that he launched last year. The comic book has a companion iOS app that reveals animations and sound effects when you hover your iOS device over some of its illustrations.From what I can tell Sutu mapped the augmented reality app’s effects to the comic book’s illustrations, i.e. the illustrations themselves are the codes. I think the app recognizes the tattoo as one of the illustrations from the comic book, causing it to trigger the effects.

I can't believe this worked! #ARtattoo

A video posted by Sutu (@sutueatsflies) on

Clever work, dude! I think this discreet form of augmented reality has lots of practical applications as well, especially if the app could somehow update the graphics overlay or have smart image recognition.

[via Sutu via Prosthetic Knowledge]