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McDonald’s Invents a Takeout Bag That Turns into a Serving Tray

 |  |  |  May 6, 2015

McDonald’s is far from the healthiest choice you can make when it comes to fast food, but that clown sure knows how to make gaining the weight fun. What with Happy Meals, goofy mascots, playgrounds and all. They know how to reel you in. Now they have invented another cool thing. This bag that transforms into a serving tray. Say it with me. “McDonald’s: More than meets the eye.”

Well, it’s not exactly Optimus Prime, but it is clever. McDonald’s redesigned its paper bags with a tearaway strip at the bottom. Tear it away and the bottom turns into a tray. The BagTray was developed by McDonald’s Hungary along with ad agency DDB Budapest.

The bottom of the eco-friendly and recyclable bags is made from reinforced cardboard so that it can safely hold even a large-sized meal without collapsing. Not bad, Mickey D. Not bad at all.

I’m sure we will see this rolling all over the place very soon. Hopefully it can stand up to huge American meals.



[via TAXI]