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3D Printed Game Boy Pocket Case for Raspberry Pi: Pocket PiGRRL

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 18, 2015

Last year Adafruit showed us how to make the PiGRRL, a Game Boy-inspired handheld NES and MAME emulator. Now the electronics shop presents the Pocket PiGRRL, a multi-console emulator with a case that’s inspired by the Game Boy Pocket.


Measuring about 5″ tall and 3″ wide, the Pocket PiGRRL is about half the size of the PiGRRL and is actually a bit smaller than the Game Boy Pocket. It has a 2.4″ 320×240 screen, a 2000mAh battery and is powered by the Raspberry Pi A+. Adafruit loaded the Pocket PiGRRL with RetroPie, allowing it to emulate a wide range of gaming systems, including of course the Game Boy.

Head to Adafruit for the full guide and links to the materials and 3D files so you can build your own Pocket PiGRRL.

[via Gadgetify]