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LG 55″ 55EC9300 OLED TV: The Ultimate Gift for Dad

 |  |  |  |  |  June 5, 2015

Looking for a really special gift to get Dad this year? I can think of nothing better than a really amazing new TV. What sets this LG set apart from the crowd is its impressive curved OLED panel. You see, OLED technology has major advantages over most flat-panels these days, which typically LCDs with LED backlighting.


The 55-inch LG 55EC9300 doesn’t just look beautiful from the outside, what with its incredibly thin, curved profile. What makes it so great is its amazing picture quality. Offering a full HD picture, the contrast, clarity and color rendition on this set is spectacular. That’s because each individual pixel of an OLED display is self-illuminating, which means there’s no backlight, and none of the image artifacts that come with that tech. OLED is also best for viewing off-angle, as it doesn’t lose brightness.

This set is also packed with other tech, including the LG’s webOS smart TV system, which lets you easily stream content from a variety of sources, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and it even has a web browser. It also supports playback of 3D content.


The LG 55EC9300 sells for about $2999, though you might find it on sale for a few hundred dollars less if you search around. While OLED isn’t the cheapest display tech on the market, it’s definitely the best technology if you’re looking for the ultimate in picture quality. And doesn’t dear old dad deserve that?