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3D Printed Toy Knocks Finished Prints Off the 3D Printer: PLAss Joe

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 8, 2015

Despite the advances in hardware and software and lots of guides online, 3D printing can still be tedious, even for experienced makers. One of the hassles of 3D printing is that your print can get stuck on the print bed; you’ll have to wait for it to cool then gingerly pry it off. MatterHackers’ Tyler Anderson came up with a silly solution: punch his prints off the printer.


Tyler calls his creation the Automatic Print Ejector. When his printer – in this case Tyler used an OpenBeam Kossel Pro – is done printing, the Automatic Print Ejector will automatically knock the printed object off of the bed.

Head to MatterHackers’ blog then combo Tyler’s tutorial with his 3D models and code to build your own Automatic Print Ejector.

[via 3D Print]