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Viking Ship Fire Pit Carries Flames to Valhalla

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 8, 2015

All I know about Vikings and Norse mythology is what I gleaned from the Marvel universe and other TV shows. One thing I know that they preferred to burn the bodies of their dead by setting them afloat in ships that were on fire.


That is a pretty cool way to get rid of your dead. Fans of Norse mythology and Vikings in general will love this fire pit; it looks like a Viking ship. All it needs is a little iron dead warrior inside to seal the deal.


If you can’t live without your own and lack the skills to make one¬†yourself, you can pick one up on Etsy. Etsy shop owner Imagine Metal Art will sell you one for about $445(USD). I’d bet the shipping charges will be brutal on something that big and heavy.


[via Nerd Approved]