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The Roccbox Portable Stone Oven Bakes a Pizza in 90 Seconds


Written by Conner Flynn | June 11, 2015

The Roccbox portable stone bake oven is no joke. It does what seems impossible. It is capable of cooking a 12-inch pizza in just 90 seconds. The design is simple. It features a slab of stone and a specially designed rear burner that works either with gas or wood.

After pre-heating its burner for 15 minutes, you can have a 932ºF oven, which can take your pizza from raw to cooked in just a snap. The outer section is covered in a silicone shell, which will protect you from burning your fingers while your pizza is cooking.


It can cook more than just pizza though. It will bake breads, meats, vegetables, desserts and more. Plus it is portable and weighs just 44lbs. The Roccbox is available for pre-order now, and will cost your £349 (~$540 USD). Who wants fast pizza?

[via OhGizmo! via Likecool]