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DIY Necktie Wi-Fi Hotspot: TieFi

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 20, 2015

We all know that mobile devices often put us into bubbles of isolation. As a Father’s Day treat, ad agency Grip Limited thought of a cheeky way to force children to get closer to their dads. It’s the TieFi, a wearable Wi-Fi hotspot.


Grip Limited’s TieFi crammed a Raspberry Pi 2, a Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi adapter, a nano USB wireless range extender and a battery pack into a necktie to turn fathers – or anyone really – into a walking Wi-Fi hotspot. The low-power transmitter means users need to remain within 10 feet of its wearer to connect, encouraging kids to stay in the same room as Dad.

Skip to 1:40 for the bit about TieFi:

Drag your kids to your workshop and head to the TieFi website to find out how you can make one. Or, you know, use your phone as a hotspot.

[via Digital Trends]