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A Closer Look at the $500 Analogue Nt NES Console: NESt Egg

by Lambert Varias

Last year Analogue Interactive teased the Analogue Nt, a boutique NES and Famicom console based on original hardware, i.e. the same CPU and PPU used in the Nintendo’s legendary systems. Now that the Nt is available for pre-order, Analogue Interactive is giving us a closer look at its hardware.

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_1zoom in

Analogue Interactive says, “our ethos as a company is to be somewhat of a Leica of video game hardware.” Leica does make beautiful cameras, but in my humble opinion the Nt’s aluminum case looks too safe. I think Analogue Interactive was going for a timeless look, but the case looks bland and nondescript to me, like a prototype device. That said, like many computers the Nt’s electronic components are a joy to behold. Perhaps it would’ve been better if it had a transparent case.

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_2zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_3zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_4zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_5zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_6zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_7zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_8zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_9zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_10zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_11zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_12zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_13zoom in

Like Leica cameras, the Nt packs a lot of features. For starters, it has cartridge slots for both NES and Famicom games. It has four controller ports and even has a Famicom expansion port. It has RGB, component and S-Video out and can be switched between “classic, modern and arcade” color palettes. The Nt can natively upscale video to 720p and 1080p while still retaining the scanlines, but the HDMI adapter is not standard and costs an extra $79 (USD). It also doesn’t come with controllers, though if you’re a diehard NES or Famicom fan you probably already have at least one.

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_14zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_15zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_16zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_17zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_18zoom in

analogue_nt_nes_console_detail_19zoom in

You can pre-order the Analogue Nt straight from Analogue Interactive for $499. It’s available in raw aluminum or in anodized black, red or blue for an extra $49.

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