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DIY LEGO Mosaic Printer: Bricasso

 |  |  |  |  |  June 28, 2015

Earlier this year, we checked out a primitive LEGO 3D printer that used melted glue as its ink. MOCer Jason aka JK Brickworks has also been working on a specialized LEGO 3D printer. His Bricasso turns pixelated drawings into LEGO mosaics.


The Bricasso uses a Mindstorms EV3 color sensor to analyze illustrations. Jason originally hoped to convert any drawing into a pixel mosaic, but because of the color sensor’s limited precision he had to settle for a setup that required pre-formatted and pixelated illustrations.

After the printer has analyzed an illustration, it will then replicate it by picking and placing 1×1 plates over a baseplate. The 1×1 plates are stored in gravity feeds that can hold a total of 450 plates. There are nine separate feeds, which means Bricasso can print in up to nine colors, or 10 if you count the baseplate’s color.

Jason also uploaded videos of his Bricasso prototypes:

I wonder if it’s possible to incorporate a 3D scanner into Bricasso and have it replicate objects with LEGO. Imagine that – a LEGO enthusiast made of LEGO.

[via Evil Mad Scientist]