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The Tourbillon Thrill Ride is Perfect for the Next Final Destination

 |  |  |  June 30, 2015

Back in the day, I loved to go to carnivals. I’ve never been a big fan of things that flip upside-down, but I was all about the Zipper and that boat thing that swings back and forth. I haven’t been to a carnival in years, but I would certainly stop if I saw the Tourbillon in action. Tourbillon means “whirlwind” in French, and this new ride looks like it lives up to its name.


The ride starts with the maroon section spinning riders head over heels. After a few rotations of that section, the light blue section starts to spin sideways. Then the outermost ring starts spinning, so the end result is that you’re spinning on three axes at once.

Even though the ride doesn’t spin┬áthat fast (at least not during its test runs,) I can only imagine that shoes, change, and vomit will be flying. This also looks like the perfect ride for some sort of cinema catastrophe to happen in the next Final Destination flick.

[via BGR]