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Teen Invents Baseball Strike Laser Sensor: Perfect Pitch

 |  |  |  |  |  July 16, 2015

Baseball players have pitching machines for batting practice, but what about pitchers? Thirteen-year old Nick Anglin’s Strikey Sensor could be a solution. It uses an array of lasers to detect whether a pitch is within the strike zone.


Nick says his current prototype is controlled by an Arduino and has 11 lasers and photosensors arranged horizontally and seven lasers and photosensors arranged vertically within its rectangular frame. It cost him about $60 (USD) to make and he plans on eventually selling it for $120, though obviously those numbers could change since he’s still in the testing phase.

The laser array creates a 28″ strike zone. A strike is detected when the ball cuts the path of both a horizontal and a vertical laser. It has two lights that indicate if the pitch was a strike or a ball.

I barely know anything about baseball, but I do know that the MLB already has an automated system for tracking pitches called PitchTrax. But if Nick just wants to create a machine for practice, then he could have a home run in his hands.

[via Texoma’s Fox via Damn Geeky]