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Dynamic Drum Trigger Knows Where and How You Hit the Drums: Sensory Percussion

 |  |  |  July 21, 2015

A drum trigger is a device that converts hits on an acoustic drum into electronic signals that activate digital sounds. You can use them to achieve a cleaner sound in live performances or use sound effects without resorting to electronic drums or synthesizers. Sensory Percussion takes drum triggers up to eleven.


According to maker Sunhouse, Sensory Percussion (SP) is different from its competitors in that it doesn’t just send an on or off signal (trigger or no trigger). An SP sensor recognizes both the velocity and location of your strokes. This mimics how acoustic drums are played while exponentially varying their output. For instance, you can map one part of a snare drum to one effect and a part next to that to another effect. SP can then make the mapped effects blend to make the transition between them seamless.

Alternatively, you can turn a drum into a knob, a slider or something like the Kaossilator to modulate effects or parameters.

That just scratches SP’s capabilities. It can also apply effects to multiple drums and it has built-in cross talk cancellation to minimize false triggers. As you’ll see in Sunhouse’s pitch video, SP has professional drummers very excited about its possibilities.

I wonder if SP can be used to control non-musical instruments as well. It could make those Dark Souls drum runs more interesting. Pledge at least $595 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive one Sensory Percussion sensor and its control software as a reward. $869 will get you two sensors, and $1,115 will buy you three.

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