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Stary Skateboard Has Motors in the Wheels

 |  |  |  July 22, 2015

Growing up, I had a very steep driveway that was about a quarter of a mile long. It ended in a pile of dirt and those weeds with little burrs that will impale you we call “stickers” in Texas. I once sat on my skateboard, rode it down that step hill and ended up with my mom pulling stickers out of my back and arse for the next hour. I swore off skateboards after that.

I think with the Stary I’d probably have hit that sticker patch going faster and the pain would have been more serious.


Stary is a lightweight electric skateboard that can propel its rider at up to 18.6 mph, and up a slope as tall as 30 degrees. Despite obviously having a battery and motors, its makers say “No Motor, No Battery” in their project description, so I am a bit confused.  It uses some sort of fancy planetary gear system in the wheels and its said to go up to ten miles on a charge.

The skateboard uses regenerative braking to go further per charge and has a wireless remote you hold in your hand and tilt to go forwards or backwards.


You can order one up on Kickstarter for $499(USD) with shipping starting this November. The project raised over $150,000 so far – blowing up its goal.