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Guy Crashes Drone on Neighbor’s Roof, Sends Another to Rescue It

 |  |  |  July 23, 2015

As a kid I had many a Frisbee or baseball land on the neighbor’s roof. It probably happened to you too. These days it seems that drones that are more likely to get stuck on people’s roofs. Do you knock on the door and get help to retrieve it? Get a ladder? No way. You send in another drone!


After Harrisen Howes’ friend accidentally crashed his drone on a neighbor’s roof, he sent in a rescue drone with coat hanger hooks attached. Luckily for us he documented the rescue.

And it has a happy ending. He sends in the rescue drone, hooks onto the crippled drone and lifts it to safety. As more drones fill the sky, Harrisen may have a future career in drone recovery. He gets the job done.

[via Kotaku]