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Dungeons & Dragons: Gangsta Edition

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 26, 2015

“As you’re running, you trip over your sagging jeans, so you take a -2 to your street cred.” Most tabletop RPGs are set in alien worlds and times long gone or have yet to come. But YouTuber Justen Mann and his crew show us that roleplaying as your contemporaries can still be fun.


Justen’s skit Dungeons & Dragons: Gangsta Edition features a dungeon master and three players discussing an adventure to a questionable urban neighborhood. The skit works because they don’t rub their jokes in. Their matter-of-fact delivery – especially the DM – makes the odd combination even funnier. Yes, there are timely shots at the cops, and yes there’s a lot of adult language in here.

Imagine if Rockstar made a Grand Theft Auto spinoff like this. Keep an eye on Justen Mann’s YouTube channel for future episodes.

[via Reddit]