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DIY Candle Holders Inspired by the Stones from The Fifth Element

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Written by John Thomas | July 27, 2015

One of the most elemental aspects of the terrific 1997 Luc Besson-directed sci-fi flick The Fifth Element are “The Elemental Stones.” These four tan-colored bricks, which feature grooved patterns, represent earth, air, fire and water and are part of a device that is powerful enough to destroy the Great Evil before the villain annihilates our planet. The Elemental Stones are fairly minimalist looking, but for fans of the film they would make a great piece of home decor.


This is not a collectible you can buy, so if you want to have a set, surf over to instructables.com where you can find very detailed directions on how to create them out of beefy wooden blocks. But here’s the twist – the artist, who goes by the name “antagonizer,” likes his projects to be more than just decorative. Hence, his Elemental Stones are not just replicas of the film’s famous blocks, they are also candle holders. It’s a neat twist that will make this DIY project into an even more interesting conversation piece when you light them on your dining room table at a nerd-centric dinner party.


However, if you’re looking for Elemental Stones but don’t have the time, skill or power tools to build these, Etsy has a couple of artists who have created jewelry based on the Stones that require no hard labor at all on your part to own.