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Yaskawa Motoman Industrial Robot Cooks an Egg Sandwich

 |  |  |  |  July 29, 2015

This is what I’m talking about. Robots who cook for humans, not robots who cook humans. Check out this video of a Yaskawa Motoman SDA10 Dual Arm Robot with Robotiq Universal Grippers as it gathers all the necessary ingredients and cooks an egg sandwich for a hungry human.

Okay, so you can work with eggs. That’s a good start. What I’m really after is a droid who speaks the binary language of bacon. You cook up some bacon and I’ll put an apron on you myself and give you a nice charging port in my kitchen – after I make sure I’ve removed all of the sharp knives, that is. I’m hungry, not stupid.

[via Venturebeat via Laughing Squid]