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Robot Mouse Randomly Moves & Clicks While Online: Stumbleupon, Analog Edition

 |  |  |  |  July 31, 2015

Between ad trackers, Google’s deeply integrated services, and our social media presence, it’s not that hard to gather facts about both our online and offline lives by tracking our browsing habits. But that’s not the case with this twitchy machine.


Made by Monobo’s Arturo Menero, The Random User is a robot made of a plastic finger and an old single button mouse. It’s programmed to move and click its button every so often, which means it’s online behavior has no pattern. Though the fact that it’ll inevitably click lots of ads should clue in anyone who might be spying on it that it’s not a sane person. Or a person.

The robot’s message is clear, but doesn’t it remind you of yourself too? Sometimes we’re not really looking for anything online but we just can’t stop browsing and checking out random stuff.

[via Laughing Squid]