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Darth Vader Helmet Mug for Darth Roast Coffee

 |  |  |  August 2, 2015

I imagine Darth Vader isn’t much of a morning person. He probably doesn’t sleep that well in that hot mask and I bet his significant other complains about his noisy breathing all night. The result would be a Vader that you don’t want to talk to in the mornings lest he force crush your balls. That said, the Dark Lord probably needs a strong cup of coffee to get going.


If you are a fan of Lord Vader and coffee, you are in luck. This big mug holds 24 ounces of liquid, such as burning hot java (or burning hot lava from Mustafar). It has a handle on the back and the top of the helmet comes off for drinking.


I like the idea of a lid for a mug, it would keep bugs and other stuff from getting in it while you aren’t drinking. Unfortunately, the lid isn’t sealed or attached, so it won’t help the work for drinking coffee while you drive.

You can get the Darth Vader Helmet mug at ThinkGeek for $24.99(USD).