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Cattop: A Scratching Post That Looks Like a Laptop

 |  |  |  |  August 17, 2015

My cat is kind of a dick. She has multiple scratching posts around the house and she still likes to scratch on the furniture. She also likes to sit right on my hands if I am typing on the laptop, and then bite me if I move. Perhaps she should have her own computer. If you want to get your cat its own laptop, here you go.


This laptop is made from cardboard and has a scratching post where the keyboard would be. The mouse is a furry mouse toy and the “screen” can be customized with whatever image you want – like an aquarium, or maybe a tree filled with birds.


If your cat is a dick like mine, it will absolutely still want to sit on your hands as you type, and this thing will be sitting in the corner. At least this laptop scratching post thingy is relatively cheap at $35 from SUCK UK.


[via Gizmodo]