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Boston Dynamics Shows off Its Latest Robots

 |  |  August 20, 2015

Watch this video now. Because robots are dangerous, and the cops always ask if you can identify your assailant. Of course, this advice does no good if a robot kills you, I guess. Never mind then. No need to watch this video of Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert showing off their latest robots killers.

If you do decide to watch this video, you will see Raibert highlighting and discussing the latest improvements in their robots. The most interesting are Spot, a quadruped robot that looks like a dog with a long neck and a hand for a head and Atlas, a humanoid robot who has been allowed to roam outside in the forest. He currently has a power tether, but they want to eliminate that someday. Bad idea.

The more you know about what they are planning and what these robots can do, the longer you can stay alive. Know your enemy. I mean, still run like a little girl, but know your enemy.

[via Gizmodo via Geekologie]