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Microbot Push Robot for Pushing Buttons: For Semi-automated Homes

 |  |  |  |  August 24, 2015

You know the old joke about how if someone ever invented a device that does everything at the push of a button, people would still ask for a device that would push the other device’s button for them? Well here it is.


Currently in development by a Korean company called Naran, Microbot Push is a stick-on robotic finger made to remotely press buttons and switches.

You can control it with an app over Bluetooth, but that still involves pressing a (virtual) button.


Fortunately Naran is also working on an ARM-powered server called Prota to automate Microbots. With Prota, you’ll be able to set what Naran calls “stories”, if-this-then-that statements that will trigger its army of robots.


Red Ferret says Naran will also release Microbot Twist (for knobs), Microbot Sense (some kind of sensor) and Microbot Scan (a fingerprint scanner). Naran plans to setup a crowdfunding campaign for its products, but right now they’re still in the prototype phase. So there’s still time to create the do-it-all machine.

[via Red Ferret]