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Predator Lunch Box: Get to Da Lunch Room!

 |  |  |  September 1, 2015

My all-time favorite Schwarzenegger flick is Predator. I bet I have seen that movie a thousand times, and it has one of the most iconic Arnie lines ever uttered- “Get to Da Choppa!” My daughter runs around the house and screams that line frequently when she is trying to get away from her mom or me after doing something silly.


Not too long ago, I showed you guys an Alien lunchbox made from tin like those old lunch boxes from my youth. Now we have a Predator lunch box that I think is much cooler. One side has an image of a naked Predator, and the other has its helmet on. On the top of the lunch box you get an image of the countdown timer showing when it’s about to blow. It also comes with an insulated drink thermos embellished with the same two Predators.

It makes sense that we have both Predator and Alien lunch boxes. One of the films in the series did have the two alien races battling it out, after all. I think the Predator lunch box would most definitely win this fight.  Get your own at ThinkGeek for $14.99(USD).