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Metal Suit of Armor: Knights of Cosplay

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Written by Shane McGlaun | September 11, 2015

If you are a fan of renaissance festivals, this suit of armor will probably land you any service wench you lay eyes on at the king’s feast. This isn’t a full suit of armor, however; you don’t get whatever you call the parts for your legs and feet, or even a helmet.


What you get are four pieces to cover your torso and arms. The armor is made from 18-gauge polished steel with brass fittings and leather straps, and while it is made from real metal, it’s costume grade so you don’t want to try and pierce it with a blade. The design is based on the Lorica segmentata favored by the Roman Legion from 9 BCE to the late 3rd century, in case you’re a history buff.


The armor weighs a substantial 13 pounds, and offers a limited range of adjustments to fit folks with a 42-to-48 chest size It comes packed in grease to prevent rusting so be sure you spend time removing that before you head to the feast. Though there’s nothing quite amusing as a slippery knight.

Suit up with your own cosplay armor over at ThinkGeek for $229.99(USD).