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Game Boy Electric Guitar: Play It Loud

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 19, 2015

Bit Fix’s Game Boy Classic modding competition brought us Mod Purist’s silly Game Boy fridge. Here’s fibbef’s contribution to the contest, an electric guitar that also looks and plays like the classic Nintendo handheld.


Fibbef used a Raspberry Pi B+ and RetroPie for the emulation, then made the buttons and guitar body from scratch. The A and B buttons also double as the guitar’s volume and tone knobs.

Check out Fibbef’s build log here. Fibbef – who also made the Dreamcast controller screen mod we featured last January – challenged fellow Bit Fix admin lovablechevy as his rival for the Game Boy Classic contest. In case you’re interested lovablechevy crammed in a Super Joy III – the NES/Famicom clone – into a Game Boy for her entry, though she says it’s not 100% done yet.

[via Hack A Day]