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Star Trek Enterprise Shelf: Wall Factor 10

 |  |  |  September 28, 2015

This Star Trek shelf is a thing of beauty. It puts the Starship Enterprise right on your wall, which is pretty awesome if you live in a small space. Meaning that space is at a premium. You might even say that space is… the final frontier.

The warp nacelle serves as the bookshelf, and will give you extra room for that Star Trek DVD set or assorted books. It was made by Instructables member caitlinsdad. It looks like it is all wood, but actually it is made from cardboard, wood popsicle sticks, and fibreboard. He shaped and glued the pieces together, then stained it with a cherry-colored combination stain and polyurethane.

The end result looks really amazing. This would fit right in with the other ships in Picard’s ready room.

[via Neatorama]