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Make Your Own Star Wars Gummies by Melting Gummy Bears

 |  |  |  September 30, 2015

Star Wars already has a ton of great merchandise. There have even been a bunch of Star Wars themed candies over the years, but I don’t think they have ever released any Star Wars Gummies. This can only mean one thing. We have to make them ourselves if we want them. As usual, the internet will tell you how.

Grant “The King of Random” Thompson demonstrates how to make these awesome Star Wars gummies by meliting gummy bears. It couldn’t be easier. You melt them in the microwave, pour the molten gummy juice into some Star Wars ice cube molds, then put them in the fridge to cool. Just like that you have some Star Wars gummies. Then, eat them all up as you see fit.

Now I’m hungry. I think I’ll go melt some gummy bears.

[via Laughing Squid]