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Back to the Future Trilogy: 30th Anniversary Re-Release Heads to Blu-ray/Digital

 |  |  |  |  October 1, 2015

Back to the Future is one of my all-time favorite films. In fact, the whole trilogy is pretty awesome. But it’s the 1985 original that really kicked things off, and it’s celebrating its 30th anniversary now. Robert Zemeckis’ little popcorn flick about a teenager from the ’80s who must go back in time to make sure his parents actually met has turned into a cultural phenomenon that’s still as popular as ever.


There are numerous pop culture memes which owe a debt to the franchise, from the DeLorean time machine to Hoverboards, Self-lacing Nikes, and classic lines like “Great Scott!,” “Make like a tree, and get out of here!, ” and “McFly!” My personal collection of Back to the Future memorabilia includes such wonders as this LEGO DeLorean, which I look at on my desk every day:


So you can say that I’m pretty excited that Back to the Future is getting a special re-release this October 21 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital formats. You’ll also be able to see the movie yet again on the big screen, along with live events to coincide with this very important date in the Back to the Future timeline. Yes, 10-21-2015 is the date that Marty and Doc land in the future in Back to the Future II, and which laid the groundwork for many technological dreams that we’ve been hoping for ever since. Hoverboards and Self-Lacing Nikes are already in the works, but I never got my head-mounted CD player.

October 2015 is also the month in which the Chicago Cubs are supposed to finally win the World Series – which could actually happen the way they’re playing this year.

The Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is the most comprehensive release of the series ever, and a must-have for serious fans like me. It includes all three movies, the complete Back to the Future animated series, a disc packed with two hours of bonus content, and collectible packaging that looks like a flux capacitor. Features includes a new short called Doc Brown Saves the World! starring Christopher Lloyd,  as well as behind the scenes, documentary footage, and deleted scenes among many other bonuses. Sweet!


You can pre-order the 30th anniversary edition from Universal now, and it’ll drop on October 21, 2015. Then, keep up on the latest Back to the Future anniversary festivities by following hashtag #BTTF2015, or the official channels on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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