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Boogie Dice Sound-Activated, Self-Rolling Dice: Rock to Roll

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 1, 2015

Dice cups and dice towers are well and good, but Boogie Dice are more portable while still being convenient. Each Boogie Dice die has a motor inside that lets it roll on its own. By default, Boogie Dice are triggered by a short and loud sound like a clap or a finger snap. They’ll then roll for 2 to 4 seconds.


The inventors of Boogie Dice say they arranged the electronics inside to ensure that the dice remain balanced. They also said while they still have some optimizations to do in this regard, their tests so far have been great.


You’ll be able to customize the dice’s LEDs, roll duration, sleep timer and more via an iOS and Android app.


Aside from sound, you can also set Boogie Dice to roll when it’s picked up, after a certain amount of time expires or even at random. Each die lasts up to 30 minutes per charge and takes about 40 minutes to recharge on the included dock.


The folks behind Boogie Dice are also launching a miniatures game called Bots Battleground alongside the dice. Fortunately you can get the dice separately.

Now all we need are self-shuffling cards. Pledge at least $22 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive one Boogie Dice die and a charging dock as a reward.

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