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Ako Dice: Elegant Bones for a More Civilized Age

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 2, 2015

Dice really have not changed much through the centuries. It is probably about time we gave them a modern makeover. Maybe even a futuristic makeover. An architect named Kacha has done just that with the Ako Dice. These dice look awesome and are a great design for our modern gaming age.

The number of each side is represented by a line instead of pips, making them look like they are made to be tossed in a casino in a TRON movie. Apparently, they’re not perfectly balanced, but their maker says that most commercial dice aren’t, and is pleased with their overall rolling properties.

Kacha took his idea to Kickstarter and successfully funded the project with 6,545 backers. However if you would like your own set, you can sign up on his website and wait for his store to go online. We don’t have any info on a retail price yet, but they are so beautiful they are a must have.

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