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Back to the Future DeLorean Golf Cart: 8.8 Holes per Hour

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 2, 2015

Dual Divisions gave golfing a pretty heavy dose of geekery with its modded Back to the Future-themed golf cart. Red Deer College commissioned the cart for its 30th annual golf tournament, thereby commissioning it for all its annual golf tournaments.


Dual Divisions fabricated the DeLorean-style front end as well as the side and rear panels out of metal. The cart’s console and Mr. Fusion are made of metal as well. The latter doubles as a cooler and cup holder. On the console are LED-lit arcade buttons connected to an Adafruit Audio FX board, which in turn pushes sound to a pair of Panasonic speakers. The board is loaded with music, quotes and sound effects from the BTTF films. Finally, an Android tablet mounted under the roof displays a virtual version of the time circuit.

The videos below were taken by Lucas Evanochko, who took care of the cart’s electronics:

Skip to about 2:13 in the video below for some of the sound effects.

Here are more shots of the golf cart courtesy of Lucas:

Delorean BTTF Golf Cart!

Suddenly, golfing’s looking a whole lot more fun.

[via The Roosevelts]