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Adventure Scents Potpourri Smell Like RPG Games

 |  |  |  October 7, 2015

If you are the sort of gamer who is always after the most realism possible, we have something you might want. What you see here aren’t candles, they are Adventure Scents and are designed to bring more realism to your RPG gaming. If you are in a stable climbing on your trusty steed, break out the Horse Stable scent to set the mood.


There are 40 scents in all, including Vampire’s Lair, Dragon’s Cave, Fishing Docks, Rowdy Tavern, Moldy Crypt, and others. Not all sound like they smell terrible though, Healing Sanctuary might smell good as might Welcoming Inn.


You can get some aimed at space RPG gamers too, like New Spaceship, Engine Room, Science Lap, and even Barren Moon. It sounds like a lot of work to open one of these scents up for each of your environments, but it would be cool; except for the one that smells like hay and horse poop.

Adventure Scents sell for $15(USD) each, but there’s a discount for five or more jars.

[via Geekdad]