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Elderwood Spellbook Gaming Boxes Are Flying off Kickstarter’s Shelves

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 28, 2015

The cool spellbook gaming boxes we featured earlier this month have become a hit on Kickstarter. As of this writing Elderwood has raised nearly $190,000 (USD) with 8 days to go, eclipsing its $5,000 goal.


The final products look a lot like the prototypes that Elderwood shared a few weeks ago, except now they’re narrowed down to two main types. The card deck, as the name implies, has wooden divisions to hold cards, dice and other items. The rolling tray on the other hand has no divisions, and can be customized with foam inserts. Elderwood is working on several foam inserts, but obviously you’re free to make your own.


As with the prototypes, you can order the boxes in different wood types and leather colors. You can also pay extra to have art adorned on the book cover.

Elderwood also has a special spellbook gaming box based on Acquisitions Inc., the ongoing humorous D&D campaign by Penny Arcade and Wizards of the Coast. This edition will also come with seven black-and-pearl dice, 14 Acquisitions Inc. adventuring cards and a special foam insert.


Pledge at least $70 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive an Elderwood spellbook gaming box as a reward.

[via Super Punch]