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NECA Toys Halo Needler Replica Jumped Right out of the Game

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Written by Shane McGlaun | November 5, 2015

What you see here is the most spectacular Halo Needler replica that you can actually buy. This thing comes from NECA Toys and was made with help from Microsoft and 343 Studios using the actual 3D models from the game.


The limited-edition replica has flashing lights, sounds, and the needles on top move when you press the trigger. You won’t want to run with this thing though – those needle shards look like they might put your eye out in some sort of bizarre Final Destination-like accident.


Check out the video to see more details on this awesome cosplay weapon.

It looks gigantic in the hand of a normal human. I always though of a Needler as more of a handgun sized weapon. This is the most screen-accurate needler you can buy, but it will cost you dearly, at a price of $300(USD).

[via Gizmodo]