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Mellow Drive Adds a Motor to Any Skateboard


Written by Conner Flynn | November 6, 2015

You can buy a motorized skateboard if you want, but your choice of decks is limited to whatever the brand is offering. But what if you want to put a motor on your favorite deck? Well Mellow Drive will let you do just that. It is a drive system for skateboards that comes with its own motor, 180mm truck, and wheels. You just have to mount it to your deck of choice, then you will be motorin’ like crazy.

It hooks up in the same way you would attach a standard six-hole truck. You can install it in minutes, and hit the street right away. It is powered by individual German-made motors in each of the two wheels. This lets it hit speeds of 25 mph. Those motors are waterproof and it comes with a swappable battery pack that slides right out of the truck frame.

Other features include a solid aluminum frame, easily-replaceable 79mm wheels, four riding modes, and a regenerative braking system. You can even monitor battery life and you ride stats with a smartphone app. There’s also an available 4×4 kit which gives you all-wheel drive.


The Mellow Drive looks like cool way to add a motor to your skateboard, though it’s not exactly cheap. The base model sells for 1099 euros (~$1181 USD), with the 4×4 model going for 2099 euro (~$2256 USD).

[via Cool Things]