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The World’s First Car Vending Machine

 |  |  |  November 17, 2015

Need a car? Just stick a coin into the slot. This machine will activate and pull a car out of its inventory, delivering it to you. You can watch it descend to meet you on ground level. Now that is a vending machine. Carvana is the world’s first automated car vending machine. Back to the Future never predicted this.

Even though this is more of a promotional gimmick than a genuine vending machine, I like the idea, which is to go online and buy your car, then come to the Carvana facility in Nashville, Tennessee and pick it up with a special coin designed just for this machine.

Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia explains:

Once the buyer purchases their car online, they go to the Carvana Welcome Center where you’re given a coin. They put the coin in a machine, shaped like a vending machine slot, and that starts the vending process.

First your car is retrieved from the 20 vehicle glass tower. Then it’s moved through the machine and down a drive way to one of three delivery bays for buyers to pick up. And if they don’t like something about it, there’s a seven day return policy.

Whatever it is no questions asked. Six days later we will call you to remind you you only have one day left on your return policy. You can return it, swap it off for another car or just wash your hands of the transaction and say ‘maybe I’ll come back next time.’

These guys know how to sell cars. I want to buy one just to be a part of the process.


[via Nothing to Do with Aborath via Neatorama]