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D-Link Komfy Switch with Camera Is HAL 9000

 |  |  |  November 20, 2015

Nice try D-Link. Sure, you can call your new product the Komfy Switch with Camera, but I know HAL 9000 when I see him. You can give HAL a few new angles and take away the evil red glow, but I know this light switch secretly wants to flush me out of the airlock.


Sure it might let me see what’s up in my house with its beady little 1080p camera and send me notifications if it senses motion or if it gets too hot in my house, but I know it’s only biding its time.


I can only assume Komfy 9000 will take over my smartphone with its Komfy App letting me believe all is well right up until it goes insane and tries to kill me or at least turn the lights off right as I step over a big pile of LEGO┬áin a sadistic attempt to cause grievous injury and save itself. I’d probably have to float through the attic to kill the Wi-Fi signal and disconnect Komfy to save myself. The brave can drop $299.99(USD) at the D-Link shop and install Komfy Switch with Camera 9000 in December when it ships.

[via D-Link]