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Skateboard + Electric Guitar = Skate-O-Caster

 |  |  |  |  |  November 23, 2015

I’ve never been a skateboarder myself, but I’ve always wondered what Tony Hawk would do when he got too old to risk getting on a skateboard. I think I found my answer. He could turn his skateboard into a kick ass electric guitar and make some music.

Stereotank, a design firm in New York City, created this cool musical instrument by transforming a skateboard into a lap guitar. It’s built out of a blank wood skateboard deck, and has a 1/4″ input jack, an electric guitar bridge, one guitar pick-up, one volume knob, one lock nut and six tuning pegs.


Check out the video. It sounds pretty damn good. Connected to an an amp that’s small enough to fit in a backpack, this guitar perfectly combines skating and music.

[via designboom via Neatorama]