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Gecko Wireless Charging Adapter for Mobile Devices: PseudoQi

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 29, 2015

We’ve seen a couple of charging cable adapters that mimic Apple’s MagSafe connector. The Gecko on the other hand mimics both MagSafe and wireless chargers using thin magnetic adapters.

Instead of plugging your devices, you’ll just place them on top of your cable or power bank and the adapters will snap into each other.


Gecko has three adapters. The first one plugs into your mobile device’s Lightning or Android port, with its magnetic contact points lying flat on the back of your mobile device. The second adapter is for your charging cable, and the third one is for USB charging ports.


To charge your device, simply align the contact points on your phone to one on your cable or USB charger, similar to how you place a device on top of a wireless charger.


So it’s not a totally wireless setup, but it’s a bit more convenient than the MagSafe-style adapters.

You can pledge at least $14 (USD) on Indiegogo to receive one of each adapter as a reward. I think it’s a great idea on paper, but I’m worried that the contact points might be fragile, especially the ones that are meant to be left exposed on the back of mobile devices. I wonder if they can stand up to occasional drops and scratches.

[via The Gadget Flow]